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Not your everyday scents, not scents that drain your energy, but scents that will heighten your senses!

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Your Smell 
Comes First


The sense of smell heightens all of our other senses. The sweet smell of a rose can relieve stress along with anxiety; while the scent of eucalyptus helps to refresh and re-energize your body. Smelling something sweet heightens your tastebuds to endulge in a sweet treat. It is also the same with our scents, come home to a relaxed, re-energized , stress free environment after the hustle of every day life. 

Golden Steel Plate

A Shady Desire is a New Jersey based candle company owned and operated by Connie Snyder, a wife, mother, and nurse. 

After coming home from a long day of work, a clean burning candle was always relaxing. Only, the candles weren't as clean as we thought.

Big name brand candles, made with paraffin wax and other toxic chemicals were burning in our home and a possible cause of our daughter's asthma exacerbation. 

My Desire to create something healthy for myself and my family turned into a full fledged entrepreneurial journey. I just wanted to burn candles at home without jeopardizing our health. Now, I have a full business created with love. 

A Shady Desire hopes to build a reputation for designing products of the finest quality. We pride ourselves on using all natural vegan coconut wax, a long burning healthy alternative to toxic paraffin wax with phthalate-free fragrance oils, and cotton core wicks.

All of our products are created, hand poured, tested, packaged, and shipped right out of our New Jersey home. 

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